Bass @ Celebration IX

Boy, are we ever excited about the BASSES at the big Celebration concert. I hope things are going well learning the notes or words “Thank You Dr. Suzuki” and “Where Love Is Deep.” You need to know that for the past five Celebrations, the basses have really stolen the show. We may be few but we are strong. The Camera will be on YOU, so look great and have your music memorized and polished. Keep your hands away from your face during the concert, and don’t pull funny faces! Video tape yourself as you practice so you can also practice your facial expressions. Smile and have fun!! It is going to be another amazing concert.

Bass Repertoire
  • Where Love is Deep: (Opening Number) Combined with all instruments. NO BASS PART.  We will sing this song and sign the chorus. We will be the echo on the Peace of different language section. Watch the YouTube video on the SAU website to learn the sign language and listen to the piece.
  • Twinkles: Basses play Variation E, the 16th note variation in D Major (“Wish I Had a Watermelon”) in fourth or first position. Advanced basses: If you know the Theme in A Major bass line only, you may also play that.  Do NOT play the melody.
  • L’Elephant: (from Suzuki book 3)
  • TheTheme from Symphony No. 1 by Mahler: book 3, but there is an easy pizzicato part for the beginners.
  • Sweet Georgia Brown (from Suzuki Book 3): for very advanced Basses. This is a real crowd pleaser.
  • Thank you Dr. Suzuki: (Grand Finale) Combined number with other instruments. Decide with your teacher if you will sing or play your bass.

You can get a copy of the recordings for these songs from your Bass teacher. Where Love is Deep is on a YouTube concert on this website. Keep checking back here on our Bass page for updates.

Rehearsals and Performance Schedule:

There are two rehearsals at the Conference Center

  • September 12, 2015
    • 10:00-11:00 Bass Practice: Enter P3 East doors and find the bass corral where we will leave our cases and tune.
    • 12:30-1:30 All Instrument Practice. Song order: Where Love Is Deep, Twinkles, Thank You Dr. Suzuki.
  • 19, 2015 (Day of Concert)
    • 12:50-1:10 Bass Practice. Please arrive by 12:20 for tuning at a quick run through at the bass meeting spot near door P3. We will quietly enter the Concert Hall and set up while others are rehearsing. At 12:50 we will be in place ready to run our pieces.  We only get 20 min. to practice our bass songs.
    • 4:00-5:30 All instrument final rehearsal. (same song order as on Sept. 12th) Meet in our bass meeting place near Door P3.
    • Dinner Break 5:30-6:30 (bring your own dinner)
    • 6:30 sharp Tuning meet at bass meeting place.
    • 7:00 Gala Concert begins

Bass Meeting Place: Enter P3 East door , and find the bass corral, where you will leave your case and tune. Please arrive 30 min. early to the practices and performance. This is especially important for Sept. 19th practice since we only have 20 min. to run through our pieces. We will warm up in our bass meeting spot and may finish our practice there as well if we need a little more practice time.

Concert Dress:  White top (covered shoulders); Black skirt (below the knee) or black dress pants.  Black shoes, black tights or socks for boys.  Teachers and adult volunteers wear all black.

Sack Dinner:

Each child needs to bring a sack dinner.  Only drink allowed will be water.  Parents please do not send any messy, sticky, juice filled food.  Due to the limited amount of time the children will meet in their designated meeting place and eat as a group.  We only have an hour and a half to eat, tune and be back in the auditorium ready for the concert that will start at 7:00 sharp.

Teacher Volunteer Meeting

All teachers are required to attend and help-whether it be tuning, lining children up, or rehearsing and leading pieces.  Specific assignments will follow.  Please let me know if you have extenuating circumstances or special considerations that will prevent your attendance at either the rehearsal or the performance, as I will be assigning positions soon. There will be a meeting on Friday, August 28 from 10:00-11:00 am at the Conference Center so you can see the space and receive instructions for your assignment. Concert dress for teachers: concert black.

If you have any questions that your Bass teacher cannot answer, please contact Denise Willey.