Celebration IX Ticket and Parking Information

Celebration IX September 19, 2015      Buy Tickets

Having troubles getting the 5 for $30 discount? Click here for a step by step guide.

You may purchase tickets from the Concert Center ticket off by phone from 10:00 to 5:00

This is for all three concerts regardless of what it says when purchasing your tickets.

Monday through Friday: 1-801-570-0080 or 1-866-537-8457 or 1-866-LDS-TIKS. You can also purchase online at lds.org/events.

Tickets online purchases are $8 each or five tickets for $30, $15 at the door, so buy online.  One ticket include all three performances:

  • Harp Concert on Sept 12 at 4:00
  • Five Piano Concert on Sept 18 at 7:00
  • Gala concert on Sept 19 at 7:00.

Don’t lose your ticket. It cannot be replaced and will be needed for each concert that you attend.

Remember that the same ticket will be used for all three concerts.

Everyone needs a ticket except performers and teachers. This means that chaperons and volunteers need a ticket. Volunteers, we need you, we love you, and you will need a ticket.

We encourage families to consider carefully which of your children will be able to sit quietly and enjoy the performance. Younger children who are likely to be a distraction might enjoy the evening more at home in the care of a competent babysitter. Please remember that the performance is being filmed and distractions will be recorded as well.

There is no age restriction on audience members. Children two and under will be asked to watch from the media room and must be accompanied by an adult.

We suggest that you buy tickets early. Tickets at the door will cost $15 each. Help us avoid long lines at the Gala and save money at the same time by buying early.

The Conference Center is not set up for a large volume of ticket sales at the door. In the past those who purchased at the door tickets had to wait in long lines and found themselves missing up to thirty minutes of the concert.

Parking Info:

A parking pass for the Gala will come with your ticket if you purchase before  Sept 9.

Ticketing will change September 9, to “print at home” tickets. “Print at home” tickets will not include a parking pass and you will have to purchase parking at a nearby parking venue of your choice.

Teachers can park under the Conference Center for the Gala. After 3:00 that day you will need a parking pass if you need to re-enter the parking area. Bass, Cello, and Harp performers can also park under the Conference Center for the Gala. They will be given a parking pass at the Sep. 12, practice. All others are asked to park in the lot designated on you family’s Gala tickets.

For Rehearsals on September 12 and during concert week we can all park under the conference center.

For the Harp and Five Piano concert we can all park under the conference center.

For more parking information please visit here.