Celebration IX Ticket Purchase Troubles

Celebration IX September 19, 2015 Buy Tickets


Ticket Purchase Troubles?

We have had many say they have had a hard time knowing how to purchase the bundle of five tickets for $30 ($6 each).  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase your tickets.

You only see $8 tickets initially. Click on one of the sections (General Admission Plaza 11) to allow the group seating option to pop up.

Ticketing screen shot 1

When you click on the Group Package drop down box, you will only be able to select 0 or 5 tickets. After you have selected five, click continue.

Ticketing screen shot 2

Type in the corresponding letters to prove you aren’t a robot.

Ticketing screen shot 3

This review page shows that the seats are general admission (by section) and the service fee accompanying the group rate.

Ticketing screen shot 4

Fill in the required credit card information and then select a delivery option. Like I mentioned in the earlier e-mail, we won’t have Print at Home available for the first few weeks to try and get as many people a parking pass as possible. Then about 10 days prior to the gala event we will activate it and allow patrons to print their own tickets at home.

Ticketing screen shot 5

I hope this helps you.  We look forward to seeing you at the Celebration IX Concerts.