Celebration Music List

Celebration Song SelectionsDD3V1002

All Instrument pieces:
  • Thank You Doctor Suzuki” by Monica Christian
  • Where Love is Deep” by Susan Reed
    • Score: Where Love Is Deep
    • Vocal Part
    • Cello: Bk 3+ play cello part (Bk 1-2 vocal)
    • Guitar: (level to be decided by teacher)
    • Flute: Play melody Octave higher.
    • Voice: Obigato part
    • All other instruments will sing the Vocal melody and sign the chorus using this video (forward to about 14 1/2 min in)
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (“Twinkles Finale Celebration 1989” version) By Ownbey & Primrose


  • Theme from First Symphony by Mahler, Suzuki bk 3
  • L’Elephant by St. Saens (from Carnival of the Animals) Suzuki bk 3
  • Sweet Georgia Brown Book 3 Suzuki
  • Allegro, by Suzuki arr. By Adam Silverman
  • Musette, by J. S. Bach arr. By Rick Mooney
  • Twinklebell Canon, by Pachelbel arr. By Rodney Farrar
  • The Swan, by Saint Saens, arr. By Anderson & Dodson

Click here for full details of cello Celebration IX repertoire.

  • Sakura Fireflies
  • Honeybee Pastorale
  • Gluck Minuet
  • Rondo Cimarosa
  • Carnival
  • Perpetual Motion (samba rhythm) (Bk 1+)
  • Allegretto (Bk 1+)
  • Tanz by Fuhrman (Bk 1+)
  • A Toye (Bk 2+)
  • Andante by Paganini (Bk 2+)
  • Marchinah de Carnival (Bk 2+)
  • Lavender’s Blue Folk Song
  • Cricket Song, Mary Kay Waddington
  • London Bridge, Folk Song
  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Folk Song
  • Little Playmates, X. Chwatal
  • Musette, Anonymous
  • Rustic Dance, Franz Josef Haydn
  • Glissando Waltz, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • A Short Story, Hans Lichner
  • Seguildilla, Carlos Salzedo
  • Valse Isabel, op. 16, Van Veachton Rogers
  • Sonatina mvt. 3, Muzio Clementi
  • Promenade a Marly, Annie Challan
  • Solfeggietto, P.E. Bach
  • Paquita’s Dance, Minkus
  • Sicilian, Carlos Salzedo
  • Chanson dans la nuit (Song in the Night), Carlos Salzedo
  • Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, Klaus Badelt, arr. Rachel Ellins
  • Las Chiapanecas, Mexican Folk Song, arr. Julie Gaisford Keyes
  • The Swan, Tchaikovsky, arr. Anamae Anderson & Marilyn Dodson
  • First Frost Jig, Laura Zaerr
  • Henry Martin, John Metras
  • Cold and Raw, Traditional, arr. Anamae Anderson & Marilyn Dodson
  • Musette, Barbara Meixner

Songs that are bold are the songs that will be played in the Gala.

  • Suzuki Piano Volume 1
    • Twinkle Variations (Shinichi Suzuki)
    • Mary Had a Little Lamb (American Nursery Song)
    • Goodbye to Winter( Folk Song)
    • Chant Arabe (Aonymous)
    • Allegro (Shinichi Suzuki)
    • Musette (Anonymous)
  •  Suzuki Piano Volume 2
    • Minuet in G Major from Klavier Suite in G Minor, BWV 822 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
    • Minuet in G Minor from Klavier Suite in G Minor, BWV 822 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
    • Minuet in G Major from J.S. Bach’s Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach (Anonymous)
    • Arietta (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
    • Sonatina in G Major, Anh. 5 (Ludwig van Beethoven
    • Children at Play from For Children, Sz. 42 (Bela Bartok)
  •  Suzuki Piano Volume 3
    • Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, No 1 (Muzio Clementi)
    • The Wild Rider. (Robert Schumann)
    • Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, No. 3 (Muzio Clementi)
  • Suzuki Piano Volume 4
    • By the Limpid Stream from 25 Progressive Pieces Op. 100, No. 7 (Johann Friedrich Burgmuller)
    • Gavotte from Suite in G Minor, BWV 822, (Johann Sebastian Bach)
    • Minuet 1 from  Partita in Bb Major, BWV 825 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Suzuki Piano Volume 5
    • Waltz in A Minor, Op. posthumous (Frederic Chopin)
  •  Suzuki Piano Volume 6
    • Sonata in C Major, K. 545, Rondo: Allegretto (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  •  Out of the Suzuki Literature
    • Gershwin Prelude No. 1
  • French folk song,
  • Bohemian Folk Song, 
  • Hunters Chorus,
  • Minuet, Mozart
  • 4th movement of Telemann Double
  • Long Long Ago, (Bk 1+)
    • Long Long Ago Duet
  • Two Grenadiers, (Bk 2+)
  • Gavotte in G Minor, (Bk 3+)
  • On Wings of Song, by Felix Mendelssohn (Bk 4+)

Click here for all the info for violin group at Celebration IX.

  • Starlight (Land of the Silver Birch Melodey, Canadian Folk Song), Deborah Smith
  • Bought Me a Cat, acc. By Aaron Copland
  • Bella Bimba, Italian Folk Song, arr. Deborah Smith
  • Baloo Balaree, Scottish Lullaby, arr. Stuart McIntosh