Cello Repertoire for Celebration 2015

For a complete list of Repertoire and Distribution of Parts, click below:

Cello Rep SAU Celebration 2015


Pieces for Cellists only. All parts should be memorized.

Two pieces for All Instruments. Music for cello parts should be known very well, but music can be taped to small riser in front of students. (Use painters tape only)

  • Where Love Is Deep (with bowings)
    • Books 1-­2: Sing & Learn Sign Language of the chorus. In the middle where there is a call and response of the word peace in different languages, the voice students will say the first word and all other students will echo. The third verse and the chorus are the most important.
    • Book 3: Sing OR learn cello part
    • Books 4+: Learn cello part
    • Everyone: Listen to this video