Every Child Can

ECC logoWe are Excited for the Every Child Can! Course

June 16, 2016 

9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Intermountain Suzuki String Institute

Instructor: TBA

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What is the Every Child Can! Course?

Every Child Can!© (ECC) is an introduction to Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy and its application to Suzuki education. For parents, teachers, prospective teachers and others, this course provides an inspiring, in-depth look at the Suzuki approach to teaching and learning.

In addition to exploring the elements of the Suzuki approach and its far-reaching goals, it includes an introduction to learning styles, history of the development of Suzuki education, the role of parents, the importance of Suzuki pedagogical training, and an overview of the SAA’s role in supporting teachers and parents. A fast-paced, engaging and inspiring program, ECC includes video materials and SAA-developed courseware, and provides each participant with useful reference materials (manuals) for later study. For teachers, ECC serves as the first course in the Suzuki Association of the Americas’ Teacher Development Program.        

  • This is a 6-Hour course. You must attend ENTIRE day to obtain credit for the course.
  • As there is a limited number of participants that can take this course at one time, it allows for more one-on-one time with the facilitator.
  • Materials have to be ordered from the Suzuki Association of the Americas, so it is imperative that you send in your registration materials and payment on time or early.
Who Can Attend the ECC Course?
The ECC Course is for anyone desiring information about Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and the Suzuki Method. That includes:
  • Current and potential teachers
  • Parents looking into the Suzuki Method
    Qualifications to Participate
    High school graduation completed or within 6 months of graduation, plus age 17 or older. There are no instrument proficiency requirements. (No audition is required.) There will be no auditor status for this course.
How Much is the ECC Course?    
The fee for the course is $95.00 which includes all course materials and payment for the facilitator!  Payment is due in full at the time of registration. If you do not send in your registration on time, you may not receive the necessary materials from the SAA.   You must be 18 years old or within 6 months of graduating from high school to take this course for credit with the SAA.
Current SAU teacher members who have already taken course 1A or ECC may also take this course at a discounted price of $50.00.  Get a refresher course on why YOU are teaching the Suzuki Method!  (This rate is only for current SAU teacher members.)
$20.00 late fee will be added for people who register within 10 days of the class.