How Do I Renew My Membership?
1.  Click on “Membership Payment Center” under the “Membership” tab or the “Register Here” button on the Home Page.

2.  Login in with your new username and password (you may also reset your password at this time). If you do not have a user name,  you will need to register.  You can do this by clicking”Join SAU” under the membership tab.

3. After you’ve logged in, click the button labeled “Renew Dues.

4. Click the “Sign Up” button for one of the following options: “Active Teacher” (this option will allow you to pay your SAA and SAU Dues together), “Board Member,”  or “Associate Teacher.”

5.  Check your information to make sure it is correct.

6. Click the Box that says “ADD YOUR FAMILIES”.  A Menu will appear,  and this is where you will enter the number of families you will be teaching. (You will enter their detailed information later, after checkout)

7. You will now be directed to a checkout process that will allow you to review your membership information, add/pay dues for your student families and checkout with a credit card or PayPal.

8. The last step is to update Family and Teacher information. Click on the links “Membership Info”, “ Edit Family Info,” or “Teacher Profile.”  to add all family information.

Where does it list or ask me about my students, their names, and payment?

1.  After you add/pay dues for your student families, and checkout with a credit card or PayPal. You will come to a page where These 3 links are highlighted in green. “Membership Info”, “Family Info,” or “Teacher Profile.”  click “Family Info” to update all of your families.