Flute @ Celebration IX

Flute Repertoire:

Thank You Dr. Suzuki

Twinkle Variation 1 (Book 1, C Major)

Twinkle Theme (A Major)

Where Love is Deep: Play up an octave. NO SIGN LANGUAGE due to difficulty of where to place flutes during song.

Sakura Fireflies (Book 1) arranged by Noelle Perrin: Metronome Marking: quarter=88

Honeybee Pastorale (Book 1) arranged by Noelle Perrin: Metronome Marking: quarter=100

Minuet by Gluck (Book 2): NO REPEATS. No piano introduction. Metronome Marking: quarter=76

Allegretto From Carnival of Venice and Variation by Genin (Book 2 and Book 7): All flute students will participate on this piece for our Flute Finale number. Two measure piano introduction with pickup on end of 2nd measure, followed by Book 2 Theme, Variation 1 from Book 7, then Variation 3 from Book 7 combined with the Book 2 Variation/Ending (both variations being played at the same time). Those students not in Book 2 will play the C parts. Metronome Marking: Eighth=152

Rondo by Cimarosa, (Book 5): Super, Super, Short-cut version! Cut ALL of A section out (piano accompaniment). Measure 8 will go directly into letter B. Cut from 1 measure after letter D to prepare to go into Tempo 1 after letter I. Accompaniment is also shortened after letter J.


The flutes will have two rehearsals at the Conference Center.

September 12th: Arrive at 12:00pm for an all instrument rehearsal from 12:30pm-1:30 pm. Enter the Conference Center through Doors 5 and 6. The flutes will then be directed to the rostrum seating.

Afterwards there will be a 40-minute break. Please bring a snack and water bottle to rinse mouth. At 2:10 pm we will tune in the . We will rehearse the flute program from 2:30-3:30 pm in the rostrum seating.

September 19th: Arrive at 2:15pm for tuning on 5th floor in the Multicultural Room. Enter at Doors 5 and 6. Flute rehearsal in rostrum seats will be from 3:00-3:30pm. The all instrument rehearsal will be from 4:00-5:30pm with a dinner break from 5:30-6:30pm in the Multicultural room 5th floor. Tuning will take place at 6:30pm and then move directly to the Auditorium with the concert beginning at 7:00pm.


White top (covered shoulders); Black skirt (below the knee) or black dress pants. Black shoes, black tights or socks for boys. Hair pulled away from the face. No fingernail polish. Girls wear make-up. No lipstick or blot off. Teachers and adult volunteers wear all black.

Concert Night:

Instrument Storage: Students will store their flute cases underneath their seats or in the Multicultural Room on 5th floor.

Warm-up and tune: Multicultural Room on 5th floor.

Meet Parents: Outer side of the rostrum seating, where the flutes will be sitting.

Please label your flute case with masking tape, visible on top of case, with your name and phone number. 

If you have any questions that your flute teacher cannot answer, please contact Katrina Young.