Guitar @ Celebration IX

  •  Twinkle C
  • Perpetual Motion (Samba rhythm)
  • Allegretto (Book 1 and 2)
  • Tanz by Fuhrhman (Book 1)
  • A Toye (Book 2)
  • Andante by Paganini (Book 2)
  • Marchinah de Carnival
  •  Thank You Dr. Suzuki
  •  Where Love is Deep
Concert Dress

• Black dress pants, white long sleeved shirts, black shoes andsocks. Boys please wear a tie.

• No tennis shoes or black Levis.

• Think nice concert dress.

  • Sept 12–12:30 to 1:30 All-instrument rehearsal. **Please have students in the bldg. by 11:45 so we can get tuned and set up.
  • Sept 12–3:30 to 4:30 guitars only
  • Sept 19–1:30 to 2:00 guitars only. **Please have the students in the bldg. by 12:45 so we can get tuned and set up.
  • Sept 19 –4:00 to 5:30 All-instrument Rehearsal

Concert begins at 7:00 Please be on stage by 6:30 so we can get tuned and set up.

• Guitar Students will meet in the Men’s Makeup Room. They will also eat there and store their backpacks/lunches there.

• Guitar’s color is light green. Look for the light green signs.

• Bring a sack lunch and dinner. Students will have time to eat in the Conference Center after our 1:30 rehearsal and after the 5:30 rehearsal. Food should be packaged in disposable containers. Plain water is the only drink allowed. o Please nothing messy or sticky. Please clearly mark guitar cases, stools, and footstools.


• A parking pass will be included with your family’s tickets if you purchase before Sept 9.

• If you purchase after Sept 9, you will need to find your own parking.

• Please park in area designated with your parking pass for Gala rehearsals. You can drop your students off before parking

• Students should enter the Conference Center through door 5 and 6.

• On Sept 12 you can park under the Conference Center.

For guitar questions pertaining to Celebration that your teacher can not answer please contact Edette Crump.