How to become a Suzuki Teacher

Interested in becoming a Suzuki Teacher?

  • Are you a skilled, well-trained professional musician who would like to teach your instrument and work with young children?
  • Do you have a genuine affection for children and an interest in helping them develop as human beings through the study of music?
  • Are you interested in working in a cooperative atmosphere with children, parents and colleagues?
  • If so, you may be interested in investigating the Suzuki approach to music education. Many musicians who use the Suzuki Method have found that it provides a unique avenue for helping children and families as well as providing opportunities for their own growth as musicians, teachers, and human beings.
  • Click link to join the Suzuki Association of Utah.

How to Become a Suzuki Teacher

  1. Take the Every Child Can! (ECC) course.
  2. Submit your teacher training video audition.
  3. Join the SAA as a teacher member.
    • SAU Active and Advanced Active memberships include an SAA membership.  You can contact our membership secretary, Bethany Williams for more information regarding the SAU/SAA memberships or visit our Membership page.
  4. Take Book training courses: (Books 1 and 2 must be taken in order.)
  5. Your training must be registered with the SAA.  This is usually done by the Institute, workshop, or trainer you take training with.