Amy Norton
Amy Norton SAU Librarian

Librarian: Amy Norton

Sandy, UT

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SAU Library Policies

  1. The library is for use only by current SAU members.
  2. The library operates on a first come, firts seved basis.  Please do not call to reserve items.
  3. Videos/DVDs may be checked out for one week.
  4. Audio tapes, recods, and CDs may be checked out for a two week period.
  5. Books and other printed materials (music, magazines, etc.) may be checkedout for 30 days.
  6. Please return items on time.
  7. If an item becomes damaged or lost while in your possession, you are responsible for replacing it or compensating SAU for its value.
  8. If items are mailed to you, you must pay postage both ways.

Library Contents (click link below)

Journals & Newsletters
8 MM HS Tapes
Printed Music
Video & DVD
Theory Aids & Games