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Benefits of SAU Teacher Membership (Active Teacher)

  • Regional meetings and performance classes
  • Statewide teacher meetings
  • Parent convention
  • Teacher convention
  • SAU sponsored workshops (if fees are required for any SAU sponsored activity, SAU members will be offered a discounted fee.)
  • SAU Directory of teachers and contributing members – and listing in the directory.
  • SAU mailings (including newsletters, advance notification of activities and institutes.
  • SAU Library privileges (Books, SAA and ISA Journals, video and audio tapes)
  • Eligibility to hold elected and appointed offices
  • Voting privileges
  • Eligibility to enroll families as Family Affiliate Members (SAU activities for families are for members only)
  • Personal Family Affiliate Membership included in your Teacher Dues. Your children who are studying with SAU teachers need not pay an additional fee.
  • SAU teacher referral list. SAU refers hundreds of families annually from the listing in the telephone directory. (Suzuki Music Association of Utah). Packets of general information on Suzuki and SAU are sent to inquiring parents with a listing of SAU Active teacher members. Advanced Active Status will be indicated on the referral form and in the directory.
  • Eligibility on entering students into SAU Activities:
    • Master classes and workshops
    • Regional recitals and play-ins
    • Grand Annual Concert or Regional Super Activity
    • Graduation Program (Students must also be a Family Affiliate Member to participate in these programs.)

Benefits of SAU Family Affiliate Membership

  • SAU Parent Convention (no extra fee)
  • Grand Annual Concert or Regional Super Activity. (Activities are limited to Members only – some particularly high budget activities require an additional fee for participation.)
  • Regional recitals and play-ins
  • SAU Workshops and master classes
  • Graduation program – certificates and performances
  • Regional parent workshop
  • SAU mailing (includes at least two Parent Newsletters and advance notice of special activities such as Institute.)
  • Recognition as an active supporter of SAU and of your teacher.
  • Opportunity to become a subscribing member (if you would like to receive the Teacher eNewsletter) and/or a contributing member to SAU.
  • Help bring quality teacher training workshops to your teacher keeps your teacher well-trained. Suzuki is a joint project involving parents, students and teachers. The teachers rely on parental support to stay current in their teaching skills.

All SAU memberships expire on September 30 and is to be renewed by then each year. Families new to the Suzuki Association of Utah may join anytime during the year that they begin their studies.

All families must join through their teacher. Membership is limited to families studying with SAU Teacher Members