Utah Suzuki Convention Class Schedule and Descriptions

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Saturday Class Schedule

Class Titles, Descriptions and Schedule is tenative and subject to change.  Please check back for any updates.

8:30 Parent Registration

Carson Tueller9:00 Keynote Address

“I Can Solve Any Problem” By Carson Tueller

Carson Tueller will share experience of overcoming obstacles, importance of continued education and how his musical journey has helped him through his battle since his spinal cord injury. (Check out Carson’s blog: http://prayforcarsontueller.blogspot.com/)

10:00 Classes

  • Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) Demonstration: Kristi Spackman and
  • “Balance: Finding balance physically and emotionally” Patricia Rosenbury
  •  “Strings and Things: Harp Maintenance” by Melanie Harper

11:00 Classes

  •  “Practice Basics: Parent and Teacher Panel” Hosted by Carson Tueller
    • Have any questions about practicing or issues you deal with your child when practicing? Email your questions to Kara Allen at paino@

12:00 Lunch

(included with your registration)

12:30 SAU Annual Meeting

 1:00 Classes

  • “Introduction to Kodaly: Using solfège and folk songs to help improve your child’s development in music.”   Randen Heywood
    • Tiger Mothers Anonymous” Jenny Wadsworth

    When the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was released I didn’t read it with mild interest I read it white knuckled like a gripping novel!  I was horrified to know that my children were receiving similar abuse to try and squeeze from them beautiful musicians.   Since that time to now changing the learning experience from misery to a joyful and inspiring journey one has been my passion.  I will cover subjects such as the effects of rewards and punishments, fostering independence, how sleep, stress and even posture affect our children and what marketing and sales has to do with inspiration.

  • “Combating the Sitting Disease” by Jonathan Brubaker

 2:00 Classes

  •  “Tiger Mothers Anonymous 2: What next?” Jenny Wadsworth
  • “Improving reading by four grade levels” Patricia Rosenbury

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