Violin Celebration IX Info

Violin Repertoire and Notes:

Violin Piece Assignments (click to download document)

  1. Twinkle Variation A and Twinkle Theme 
  2. Long Long Ago: There has been some question as to the Long Long Ago.  The two parts that are being played are from Book 1 and the duet by Bailey in the official duet book (unaltered).
  3. Two Grenadiers
  4. Gavotte in G minor by Bach
  5. “On Wings of Song”–There are currently 152 students registered as being in books 4-6, and only 60 students registered in books 7-10.  If you have a student who is in book 5-6 but would like to play the violin 1 part, please do!  This is an opportunity for them to play with the “big kids”.  Let me know so they will be placed in the correct seat for the performance.
    • There has been a question as to whether or not the violin 2 part should play or omit mm. 26-30 since it reaches into 5th position.  Those in Book 4, you may omit mm. 26-30.
    • Students will be seated in sections with their part and arranged according to height.  You will be sent stickers according to the pieces and parts they will play.
    • (This is an example of how students will be color-coded and organized, the specific colors are subject to change):

Violin II: Yellow sticker (Book 4 omit mm. 26-30)

Violin II: Yellow sticker, with DOT drawn inside sticker–play as written, DO play mm. 26-30 (Book 5-6)

Violin I: Yellow sticker, with STAR drawn inside sticker  (Book 7-10 and those who can from books 5-6)


On Wings of Song, Group

On Wings of Song (Heifetz plays both parts of the duet):

6.  “Where Love is Deep”–it will be fine if younger students learn only the chorus and sign.  Priority: 1. Chorus with sign language 2. Third Verse 3. All verses.  Please have them learn the whole thing if possible. Teacher discretion.


How to Sign-language video for “Where Love is Deep”: (Warning: This link has had issues with bad videos on the side bar due to the name. We have shared this video and other full song versions with teachers in our SAU Teacher google folder so they can download it and share it with students. Sorry for any problems this has caused.)

Student Color Code:

  • Twinkle Group Red dot
  • Long Long Ago Group Green dot
  • Two Grenadiers Group Orange dot
  • Bach Minuet in D Minor Group Blue Dots
  • On the Wings of Song Group Yellow Dots
    • Violin I group Yellow sticker with black STAR drawn on (Book 7-10 and those who can from books 5-6)
    • Violin 2 group Yellow with black DOT drawn on sticker –play as written, DO play mm. 26-30 (Book 5-6)
    • Violin 2 group just Yellow sticker (Book 4 omit mm. 26-30)

The schedule for Celebration:

Saturday September 12

–Rehearsal at the Conference Center (60 West North Temple SLC, UT 84150)

Rehearsal Dress: Nice casual–sleeves please.

11:45 AM–Please arrive (having eaten lunch).

Enter Doors 1, 2, or 3. Violins will meet in the Theater.  This is where the On the Wings of Song/Gavotte in G Minor group will store their cases. All other Violin groups will tune here and then take their cases and keep them at their feet in the auditorium.

This will be the first time we will be placing everyone, and it will take some time to get 1,300 musicians tuned and into position.  Teachers will be receiving in the mail colored stickers.  Please color-code your students’ cases and violins (please place sticker on chin rest or tailpiece, NOT the actual violin please!) prior to the Sept. 12 rehearsal.  The colors will designate what level/pieces your students will be playing, and will help them get to the right spot.  Connie has sent teachers all a document listing all students registered–please check the list to make sure the pieces are correct for all of your students and make corrections, or you may receive the wrong color for them (your students may have learned additional pieces since registering).  All instruments begin rehearsal at 12:30pm, then the violins stay and rehearse from 1:30-2:30.  Twinklers and Book 1 will be excused after they done (they will be excused sometime before 2:30.)

Note–We violins have the best rehearsal schedule–some instruments have to come in the morning or evening and come back for the combined practice, but ours is back to back. Just sayin’!)


Saturday, September 19 (Concert Day!)

2:45 PM–Please arrive (in concert dress)

3:30-4:00 pm–Violin practice

4:00-5:30–All instruments rehearse together

Dinner break–Please bring your own sack dinner (See notes below about sack dinner)


7:00–Concert begins

Performance Dress:

White top–must be sleevedBlack skirt or dress pants on bottom–must be knee-length or longer. Black sock or tights and black shoes.

Sack Dinner:

Each child needs to bring a sack dinner.  Only drink allowed will be water.  Parents please do not send any messy, sticky, juice filled food.  Due to the limited amount of time the children will meet in their designated meeting place and eat as a group.  We only have an hour and a half to eat, tune and be back in the auditorium ready for the concert that will start at 7:00 sharp.

Teacher Volunteer Meeting

All teachers are required to attend and help-whether it be tuning, lining children up, or rehearsing and leading pieces.  Specific assignments will follow.  Please let me know if you have extenuating circumstances or special considerations that will prevent your attendance at either the rehearsal or the performance, as I will be assigning positions soon. There will be a meeting on Friday, August 28 from 10:00-11:00 am at the Conference Center so you can see the space and receive instructions for your assignment. Concert dress for teachers: concert black.

Parent Volunteers:

Parent Volunteers from each studio will be needed to help at the rehearsal and performance–organizing children, sitting interspersed with the younger children during the performance,and in other capacities.  Please find 1 or 2 from your studio, and send me their contact info. Let them know there will be a meeting on Friday, August 28 at 10:00-11:00 am at the Conference Center where they will be instructed on what to do.  If you have a parent who would like to help but cannot make the meeting, let me know anyway, I have a project for them. 🙂


Your performing child will NOT need a ticket.  All others (including volunteering parents) can purchase tickets beginning August 17, 2015 at

You will need to click “Buy Tickets” on the page’s right side bar.  You can select the section you wish to sit in, but is general admission for that section.

  • $8/single tickets,
  • $30/groups of 5 ($6 each–must select 5 tickets)

Children of all ages may attend.  Children 2 and up will need a ticket. If parents have very tiny children they may consider finding a baby-sitter as this event will be recorded, but they will not be turned away. Anyone with a baby (2 and under) will be asked to sit in the observation room. If you want to sit with your family please find a babysitter.

For violin questions pertaining to Celebration that your teacher can not answer please contact Alecia Petersen.