Frequently Asked Questions

Account Creation

Where can I find tutorial videos to help me as I build my teacher page?

They are listed on the SAU YouTube page and under "Website Tutorial Videos" on the Resources tab of the website.

Do parents need to create an account?

No. Accounts are for teachers. The teachers should manage the information for all families in their studios. They also are the ones to submit membership payments.

When will my teacher profile show up in the Teacher Directory?

When you have filled out the basic information in your Profile and purchased your membership for the year, your profile will become Active in the Directory. If you already had an account with the old website, you can log in with the email address you used and edit your profile information without a paid membership. However your profile will not show up on the website until your membership dues have been paid.



How can I tell if my membership was paid?

Shortly after your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. You can also see that receipt if you log in to the website and click on "Order History" from the menu below your profile picture. Also, if you click on your profile picture in the upper right of the screen, the button on the bottom will show a membership plan, if you've paid for the year.

If I am an SAU teacher, do I need to pay for my children to be members too?

No. The membership of children of active SAU teachers falls under their paid membership. Contact if you fall in this category.

If a family has multiple children studying music with me or another SAU teacher, how many times do they need to pay membership?

Membership needs to be paid once per family annually. If there are children in multiple studios, only one teacher needs to submit their payment.

When should I join SAU?

The formal Membership Drive typically lasts the month of September every year. There is a discount for teachers who join during the drive. However, teachers and families can join at any point during the year. All memberships expire before the next Membership Drive.

What should I do if my SAA membership does not expire during the Membership Drive?

Most SAU members have the SAA expiration date of October 31st, but you do not have to have this same date to register through this website. When you join SAU, your SAA membership will extend one year from its current expiration date. 

Do I need to pay for my teacher membership and family membership(s) at the same time?

No, you can purchase them separately. Even if you do both at the same time, they will be separate transactions on your bank statement. Purchase your personal teacher membership as soon as you're able each year during the Membership Drive to save money and have your profile appear in the Teacher Directory. You can pay for additional family memberships as needed at any point during the year.