Administrative Board:

Through our commitment and joy, we serve and communicate with the SAU to create a community of love and support for the happiness of children.
  • President: Stacy Smith
  • Treasurer: Tom Smith
  • Executive Secretary: Alecia Petersen
  • Membership: Colin Mitchell
  • Newsletter: Anna Baker
  • Website: Spencer Desmond
  • Librarian: Brooke Seangsuwan
  • State Parent Coordinator: (vacant)

Instrument Vice Presidents

  • Bass: Denise Willey
  • Cello: Kelly McConkie Stewart
  • Flute: Katrina Young
  • Guitar: Edette Crump
  • Harp: Artamisha Farnsworth
  • Piano: Michele Jones and Kara Allen
  • Viola: Tally Turner
  • Violin: Alecia Petersen
  • Voice: Debby Smith

Area Chairs

The Area Officers are responsible for setting up a Parent Convention and one or more multi-instrument recitals.
  • Northern Utah: Vacant
  • Davis/Weber: Marisa DeGarlais
  • Davis South: Marisa DeGarlais
  • Utah County: Vacant
  • Southern Utah: Patty Walser
  • Salt Lake: Suzanne Barraclough
  • Out of Area: Megan Cottam

Region Coordinators

The Region Coordinators are responsible for setting up regional teacher meetings for planning events and for continued teacher development. Regions hold their own recitals, play-ins and graduations. Regional super activities are held in the years there is no Celebration concert. The Celebration Concert is held every five years, with the next concert scheduled for 2020.
  • Bass: Denise Willey
  • Cello: Megan Titensor
  • Cello North: Meg Ferry
  • Flute North: Shay Nelson
  • Flute South: Shay Nelson
  • Guitar: Mark Alger
  • Harp: Artamisha Farnsworth
  • Piano Davis: Maureen Laser
  • Piano Salt Lake East: Fay Borsos
  • Piano Salt Lake West: Julie Newton
  • Piano Southern Utah: Vacant
  • Piano Utah County: Billie Tuttle and Alison West
  • Viola: Marie Feinauer
  • Violin Davis: Diane Gardner
  • Violin Northern Utah: McKenzie Clawson
  • Violin Salt Lake: Ashley Desmond
  • Violin Southern Utah: Patty Walser
  • Violin Utah County: Nicole Macias
  • Voice: Debby Smith

Teacher Trainers

There are five Teacher Trainers with the Suzuki Association of the Americas residing in Utah.
  • Violin: Jeanne Grover
  • Piano: Cleo Brimhall
  • Cello: Carey Cheney
  • Viola (and early violin books): Denise Willey