Letter from President Nicole Macias

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Summertime. This is my favorite time of the year.
It didn’t used to be. I remember dreading it the summer after I got married. We’re a blended family, and always had custody of my husband's children from his previous marriage. As a result, I’d been a newlywed for about 6 months, and was about to have two teenage boys with me all day, as well as their two-year-old little sister. Those first few summers were rough, and very much all about survival.
A few years later, the boys got older, and we had a couple more children. I learned to relish the summers, because we just had more time to do the things we wanted to do. We would go to the library, or the park, or we would spend extra time practicing because we were making progress that day, and having fun.  
I have a house full of teenagers again. There aren’t many days where they want to practice with me, but there are still some days where I hear them start, and can tell they are enjoying what they are working on - and they continue playing for a lot longer.
I hope you get to have a few of those days with your students this summer - the kind where you make music because you are enjoying making music.  


Nicole Macias
SAU President



Early Childhood Education


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Creator of the Mother-Tongue Method

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

The essence of Suzuki’s approach to learning a musical instrument is derived from the way a child learns language, which he called "Mother Tongue." From recordings the child becomes familiar with the Suzuki and other repertoire so that when lessons begin about age three his mind already knows the musical language he will slowly begin to play on an instrument and even later learn to read. As with spoken language mothers play an important role in the teaching process and so are given instruction on the instrument and also taught how to be patient and encouraging. New skills and concepts are taught in small steps a child can consciously master, and lessons last only as long as the child’s attention span.

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

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