Teacher Levels

Mission of SAU Teachers

United in our purpose of nurturing children and families through music, we are dedicated to developing beautiful hearts and individual abilities for the enrichment of their world.

You can search for teachers who are accepting students on our online Search for a Teacher page.

All Suzuki Teachers realize that the beginning lessons are the very most important. The SAU refers only teachers who have had official Suzuki Training and who keep it updated.

Active Teachers

Teachers listed as Active have taken a minimum of the Suzuki introductory course entitled Every Child Can! (ECC) and/or Suzuki Unit 1. Most SAU Active teachers are trained in the consecutive Suzuki levels and are actively teaching beginning through intermediate and early advanced levels. They participate in the activities of the SAU and are members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Their training often includes Suzuki enrichment courses such as Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) and supplementary seminars and workshops.

Advanced Active Teachers *COMING SOON*

Teachers listed as Advanced Active comply with all of the above criteria, and also have more than 5 years teaching experience and have trained in the advanced levels. They are teaching beginning, intermediate and advanced Suzuki students. They are often called upon to teach at SAU sponsored meetings and workshops.

Trial Teachers

Formerly designated Associate teachers, these instructors are just beginning their journey as Suzuki teachers. They may be college age students who are working on their Suzuki training, and currently enrolled at a college or university. A Trial Teacher may be an established teacher new to the Suzuki method and desirous of trying the benefits of our association. Trial teachers hold this status for one year after which, in order to maintain their membership in SAU, they are required to join the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA), pursue Suzuki training and become Active members of the Suzuki Association of Utah.