Mission Statement

SAU Mission Statement:

Our mission as teachers, parents and individuals is to make quality music education available to children following Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy of “Talent Education.” We provide workshops, training events, and scholarships to encourage teachers’ development through mentoring. The SAU assists families in creating a positive home environment through workshops, musical events, newsletters and student scholarships for the musical development of children.

SAU Teacher Mission Statement:

United in our purpose of nurturing children and families through music, we are dedicated to developing beautiful hearts and individual abilities for the enrichment of their world.
The SAU exists for the following purposes:

1. To unite in fellowship those accepted for membership.

2. To provide opportunities for members to receive and give professional assistance to each other.

3. To encourage the continued development and training of all members.

4. To provide education opportunities for SAU teachers, students, and their families.

5. To provide teacher training in the mother tongue method of music education in accordance with the program developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

6. To insure in whatever way possible that members referred by the Association teach in accordance with the philosophy of the Association and meet all standards of teaching excellence established by this Association.

7. To support and maintain affiliation with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.