Suzuki Violin Recordings for Volumes 4-6 Featuring Violinist Augustin Hadelich

Suzuki Violin Recordings for Volumes 4-6 Featuring Violinist Augustin Hadelich

New Recordings for Suzuki Violin School, Volumes 4–6

The International Suzuki Association, in conjunction with Alfred Music, is pleased to announce the highly anticipated recordings of the Suzuki Violin School, Volumes 4–6 by internationally renowned violinist, Augustin Hadelich in collaboration with pianist Kuang-Hao Huang.

Use the following link to sample the new recordings and for all sites to purchase the digital download. There is also a link to purchase the physical product.

The ISA Violin Committee is indebted to violinist Augustin Hadelich and pianist Kuang-Hao Huang for their exacting standards during the exhausting recording sessions for Volumes 4–6. These performers brought tremendous energy, artistry, and dedication to bear in all aspects of their collaboration for these recordings. Augustin expressed many times his appreciation for the honor of being selected as the recording artist, and for the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the world-wide Suzuki community. These are recordings that students, parents, and teachers will enjoy listening to for years to come.

The new recordings will replace all existing ones associated with the Suzuki Violin School International Editions, Volumes 4–6. Recordings are available on CD and via digital download, and for teaching and practice purposes within SmartMusic.

Interviews about the recordings with both artists are now available on the Alfred website. Please use the following links below to access those fascinating interviews.