Welcome to the Suzuki Association of Utah

Celebration DVDs

  • We are looking for some key locations to help distribute the Celebration DVDs.
  • If you live in the Salt Lake to Sandy Area contact Alecia Peterson for your DVDs. She also has the Utah County Area.  Please contact her to help her get these DVDs distributed.
  • All other DVDs are at Connie McCullough’s house.  We hope to get the Southern Utah area to Marin Colby soon.
  • We are eager to get these DVDs out as soon as possible.  Thanks!!

Membership Renewal FAQs

  • Celebration IX

Our mission as teachers, parents and individuals is to make quality music education available to children following Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy of “Talent Education.”  We provide workshops, training events, and scholarships to encourage teacher development.  The SAU assists families in creating a positive home environment though workshops, musical events, newsletters and graduation for the musical growth and character development of children.

SAU has teachers in ten instruments including violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, guitar, voice, harp and organ.