2022 Parent Teacher Convention

I’d like you to invite you to take a minute and register for the 2022 Suzuki Association of Utah Parent & Teacher Convention on Saturday, January 29, 2022.
Our presenters include Jane Reed who is an expert in helping children learn better and more efficiently, by adjusting how we as parents and teachers interact with them.  We are also excited to have Nicholeen Peck who wrote “Parenting a House Divided” and developed a lot of the ideas of teaching self-government within our homes.
It will be a fantastic reset for us as parents and teachers from our busy holiday season.  I’m hoping you’ll join me, and if you do, feel free to come say “hi” and introduce yourself.  I’m looking forward to meeting you.
Nicole Macias
SAU President
Convention Information
Saturday, January 29th, 2022
American Preparatory Academy, West Valley II
3636 West 3100 South
West Valley, UT 84119

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Information about the Sessions

Keynote: Inspire the Desire to Learn!! - Jane Reed, Solutionary Insights

Would you love to have students approach lessons and practice eager to learn? How can we actively engage children in the learning process without forcing, manipulating, and bribing?

Join this session to discover refreshing and motivating strategies that ignite curiosity, inquiry, and self-directed learning.

Designing A Powerful and Effective Parent Education Program - Jane Reed

What is the most significant factor in a young Suzuki student’s success?

The actions and attitudes of the parents make all the difference. Discover practical tips that teach parents to understand the philosophy, create an environment for learning, and practice effectively while developing positive relationships and earning respect. Gain the insight and confidence to offer a parent orientation program that nurtures thriving Suzuki families!

Problem-Solving: The Lifeline to Learning and Teaching - Jane Reed

What is a problem?

A problem is an opportunity to learn, grow and find practical solutions that create new perspectives which students can apply to future situations. You’ll love the thinking routines that will guide your problem-solving for a lifetime.

Flipped Communication - Jane Reed

Does your communication style encourage thinking?

Learn the difference between controlling and captivating learners. Communicate in a way that respects and benefits all participants while building trust and inspiring change!

Teaching Children to Take Ownership of Practice Time By Teaching Self-Government - Nicholeen Peck, Teaching Self Government

The heart has to be in the practice in order to master a skill. This class will teach how to unify hearts and motivate practice without a battle. 

Suzuki 101 - Rachel Karr, Suzuki Parent and Teacher

An introduction to Dr. Suzki and his phosophy and method of instruction. This session is ideal for families and teachers new to the Suzuki Method.

Chair Yoga - Rachel Woerner, Certified Yoga Instructor

Pain and tension in the back, neck, hips, and wrists are common issues for musicians—and anyone else who spends a lot of time seated. Join yoga instructor Rachel Woerner in learning accessible, chair-supported stretches to relieve some of the most common pains and tensions. 

What's In A Bow? Tips on Repair, Rehair and Purchase - Ed Candland, Ed Candland Bow Rehair

Let's discuss: 1) what your bow looks like inside, and other bow anatomy 2) why rehairing your bow, even a cheap one, is a good idea 3) what a good bow should feel like, weight and balance 4) tips for purchasing a new bow 5) what a good Rehair should look like.

Re-examining the Suzuki Triangle - Kelly McConkie Stewart, Suzuki Parent and Teacher

As our little ones grow so do all of their shapes and sizes; including the Parent/Teacher/Child Triable. This session is designed to see how the Suzuki Triangle changes as children move from parent directed and supported practice into independent musicians. It will discuss the changing role of each person in the triangle and is directed at helping parents move gracefully from active participant to supportive observer.

So You Want to Be a Suzuki Teacher? - BriAnn Christensen, Suzuki Piano VP

Come and see what it takes to become a Suzuki teacher... and why you should!! Hear from teachers of strings, piano, voice, guitar, flute, harp and brass about making the career choice to become registered Suzuki teachers. Leave with new friends from the Suzuki Association of Utah, a better understanding of the Suzuki method and the practical knowledge for how to get involved. Open to all levels of interest and abilities!

Parent Q&As with Seasoned Suzuki Parents